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Education & Medical Qualifications

Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias is an experienced General Practitioner. Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias worked in various public and private sector hospitals in Qatar & Outside Qatar.

Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias area of expertise covers many procedures including monitoring the developments of hypertension and diabetes in his patients, thyroid management and pain management for back pain, joint pain, headaches, etc. He is also specialized in the counseling of women and child health management.

Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias helps his patients in preventive actions to promote overall health, Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias is also able to evaluate disorders for respiratory conditions such as pharyngitits, sinusitis and asthma.

Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias is specialized in conducting routine check-ups for health conditions and advising on the best ways for healthy habits including diet, smoking and alcohol reduction.Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias firmly believes that patient education makes all the difference. Over the long years of experience since graduated, Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias has developed a valuable combination of skills. Realizing that there was an unfulfilled need for medical communication by qualified doctors.

Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias stepped off the expected path and devoted her formative years to creating better understanding among healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and patients. It is this exposure that has refined Dr. Elvira Cahucom Cabarrubias ability to simplify complex medical terms & diseases, helping clinic customers appreciate their treatment needs and pathways better. It all adds up to beautiful outcomes for patients.